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Go Go Lotto!

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Generate lotto tickets that match your style of play. LUCKY NUMBERS are more likely to appear. CURSED NUMBERS will never appear. AUTO WHEEL your numbers.

Its always good to have a lot of people rooting for you. Let your friends know when youre about to shake some tickets. They can wish you luck, prayers, or some happy thoughts... which may sway things in your favor?? Cant hurt to try!

Select specific tickets you want to save. They are saved by date so you can refer back to them at any time. Of course you can always remove any ticket you no longer want to keep.

Completely adjustable. For our friends in the Netherlands the power pick can be a COLOR instead of a number!!

You can enter a full list of numbers... maybe your birth day, your anniversary month, anything! If a number starts to sour and loses its luckiness, just remove it from the list.

Cursed numbers will be banished, and will never appear in any of your Tickets. Never again be affected by these little demons.

Go Go Lotto allows you to turn on and adjust a nifty feature called "Wheely-ness". Based on the concept of a lottery wheel, this will affect the combination of numbers on your Tickets.

When Wheely-ness is active, it will allow some numbers to appear on multiple Tickets. If you are lucky enough to pick the winning numbers, wouldnt it be nice to have those numbers on multiple tickets? Hitting three numbers on two tickets is better than hitting three numbers on one ticket.

The Wheely-ness is just for fun. A lot of people like to use these systems to help win.... a lot of people see no value in it. Either way, the option is available to you.